This conference is organised in the frame of EUMETNET (European Meteorological Network) which includes the project ASIST dedicated to nowcasting. The goal of the conference is to promote recent advances in the theory and practice of nowcasting in Europe and other parts of the world. The conference welcomes participants from operational, research and forecast user communities to discuss methods for improving the quality of nowcasting in Europe. The scientific program will feature keynote addresses as well as contributed presentations and offer room for discussions.


First announement October 2018
Call for abstracts Closed
Registration Closed
Deadline for abstract submission 15 March 2019
Letter of acceptance to authors 22 March 2019
Programme online 2 April 2019
Deadline for registration (No registration fee) 16 April 2019
3rd European Nowcasting Conference 24 – 26 April 2019
Presentation online via EUMETNET 31 July 2019


  • Observations as Basis for Nowcasting
    • Current observational systems (radar, satellite and lightning networks)
    • Data pre-processing and QC techniques
    • Potential of new observational data (improved lightning networks, GNSS systems, LIDAR’s, crowdsourcing, future satellite instruments)
  • Seamless prediction with special focus on Data Assimilation
    • Combination of Nowcasting and NWP
    • Blending techniques (deterministic and probabilistic)
    • NWP based systems
  • Nowcasting techniques, systems and products
    • Deterministic/probabilistic solutions
    • Conceptual and heuristic methods
    • Downstream application modules
  • Verification and societal impacts
    • Verification of nowcasting systems and defining the value of nowcasting
    • High impact events
    • Validating societal impacts
  • Application and user aspects
    • User requirements and use of nowcasting information in decision making systems
    • Recommendations

Joint Sessions with WMO/WWRP Working Groups

  • Data Assimilation & Observing Strategies (DAOS)
  • Forecast Verification Research (FVR)

Scientific Steering Committee

Yong Wang (ZAMG)
Kathrin Wapler (DWD)
Alexander Kann (ZAMG)
Luis Bañón (AEMET)
Matteo Buzzi (MeteoSwiss)
Estelle De Coning (WMO)

Conference Organization Committee

José Antonio Fernández Monistrol (AEMET. President of the Committee)
Franziska Schmid (ZAMG)
Ingo Meirold-Mautner (ZAMG)
Ana Casals Carro (AEMET)
Jesús Manuel Montero Garrido (AEMET)
Francisco Javier Calvo García (AEMET)
María López Bartolomé (AEMET)
Rubén del Campo Hernández (AEMET)
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Marcos (AEMET)
Alejandro Roa Alonso (AEMET)
Luis Bañón Peregrín (AEMET)
Miguel Ángel García Couto (AEMET)
Ana Sánchez Piqué (AEMET)
Pilar Ripodas Agudo (AEMET)
Jaime Rey Vidaurrazaga (AEMET)


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